Collection: 3,500lb Trailer Axle Kits

To ensure you are selecting the correct Rockwell American (Dexter) 3,500lb trailer axles with the appropriate length, it's important to measure your existing axle accurately. Here's how you can measure the length of your trailer axle:

1. Hub Face Length: Measure the distance between the outer surfaces of the wheel hubs (the flat part where the wheel studs are located). This measurement is known as the hub face length.

2. Spring Center Length: Measure the distance between the center of one spring seat to the center of the opposite spring seat. Spring seats are the points where the axle rests on the leaf springs.

3. Overall Length: Measure the total length of the axle from the tip of one spindle to the tip of the opposite spindle.

When ordering a new axle please make sure your measurements are as accurate as possible to avoid issues with the fit of the new axle.

Additionally, when replacing trailer axles, it's essential to consider other factors such as the axle's weight capacity, brake type (electric or hydraulic), suspension system (leaf springs, torsion axles, etc.), and the trailer's overall configuration to ensure compatibility and safe operation. If you are unsure about any of these specifications, Feel free to reach out to us (602-292-9690) to make sure you are getting the right parts for your trailer.